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Tonin Casa's masters and designers are well aware of how to combine old Italian traditions and modern innovations when creating exclusive interior items. The collections of the Tonin brand consist of luxury furniture and accessories that can uniquely make any space.

Thanks to their functionality, the use of patented mechanisms developed by the company, tables, chairs, sofas and other products of Tonin Casa will satisfy the needs of modern life. Folding mechanisms, swivel seats, various cover combinations - Made in Italy products are not only elegant but also practical.

Features of Tonin Designer Models

Unsurpassed quality, close attention to detail and Italian taste - all this allowed the products of the Tonin brand to gain fame and demand in the world market. Tonin offers exclusive solutions for restaurants and hotels, private residences and public places. The range of the brand includes luxury furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and other premises requiring premium design.

Tonin's designer collections are created in two main directions:

  • Modern - includes dining and console tables, bar stools, sofas and armchairs, storage systems, bedroom furniture. Elegance cannot be separated from comfort - we are confident in Tonin company. Therefore, the original modern design has been successfully combined with the functionality of the furniture. Fixed and extendable tables with wooden or steel base are equipped with glass, porcelain stoneware tabletops. Soft armchairs "Tonin" provide ideal support for the body thanks to a unique combination of interior and exterior finishes. Tonin dressers made of lacquered MDF with recessed decor, crystal showcases will decorate any room.
  • Classic - combines tables, chairs, dressers and bookcases, wardrobes, beds and bedside tables. Classic, sophisticated Tonin furnishings with a wide range of finishes. Here you can find four-poster beds, chairs with and without armrests, whose soft backs are decorated with stitches, dressers with curved steel handles. Noble design, precise and clean lines - this all makes Tonin furniture ideal for any room.

The Tonin brand also produces decorative items such as clocks with satin gold finish, shelves of canaletto walnut, dark oak and black ash, minimalistic metal hangers, etc. Tonin's products include pendant, floor and table lamps. , mirrors, complemented by an LED system.

Tonin's collections have everything you need to decorate your interiors, including wallpaper with floral and geometric patterns, handmade or machine-tufted carpets, and fabric cushions.