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Xal was founded in the Austrian city of Graz in 1989 and has specialized in technical lighting for over 20 years. The brand's specialists do not just create first-class high-tech and minimalist lighting fixtures. They are working to understand the nature of light. The company's products have merged thoughtful functionality and austere aesthetics. Thanks to the symbiosis of such qualities, it was possible to create several collections of lamps for residential and public premises (offices, hotels, restaurants), as well as practical solutions for outdoor lighting.

Competent use of free space and creation of the most comfortable environment - Xal luminaires cope with these tasks perfectly. Ceiling and wall lamps with various mounting methods are presented in the company's catalogs. Overhead, suspended, mortise models, tire systems - the brand's products will allow you to solve almost any problem in the design of premises of various sizes and even with non-standard layouts.

Austere, austere, innovative luminaires from Xal with elements of industrial aesthetics will be appreciated by fans of practicality, conciseness and multitasking. For the manufacture of each model, only the best materials are used: metal, plastic, glass. No embellishments - just clear lines, regular geometric shapes and a well thought-out design.

The company's specialists offer lighting products that go beyond short-term trends. All products are created in close collaboration with architects and lighting designers. The Xal brand is always about individuality. Each luminaire allows you to solve several problems. In addition, the company accepts individual orders and creates exclusive lamps, taking into account the wishes of customers.

The structure of the company includes a design and research center, the main task of which is to create lighting devices that would combine functionality and pleasant design. No unnecessary details - just practicality, multitasking and restraint.

Today the company's representative offices are located in more than 50 countries of the world, and the sales network covers about 150 cities. At the same time, the brand's specialists are not going to stop there and are working on new models.

Xal luminaires are a guarantee of first-class lighting in your home, office or garden.