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For a hundred years, the Italian factory Zonca has been successfully operating on the international lighting market. At the beginning of the last century, the company was founded by Maffeo Zonka, each subsequent generation successfully overcame difficulties and kept the family business. Now the fourth generation of heirs is driving the company. Recently, the brand has experienced a new round of development. Successful adaptation to the modern market, new marketing strategies, cooperation with renowned designers have brought the company to the top manufacturers. The brand's factories produce all types of lamps that are relevant to modern design:

  • chandeliers;
  • sconce;
  • ceiling lights;
  • floor lamps;
  • table lamps.
  • The four main materials used in the brand's products:

  • glass;
  • metal;
  • fabric;
  • tree.

Is it worth mentioning that Italy is famous for its centuries-old traditions of manufacturing and processing each of these materials? The attention to detail that distinguishes the design of Zonca products proves it once again. The brand seeks to bring innovative solutions to classic forms and content. However, the classics are not the only direction in which the brand's designers work. Many of Zonca's collections are contemporary in style.

Zonca is famous for its collaboration with the legendary French master Jacques Garcia. He created unique luxury lamps for the brand. The decorator collection is distinguished by the following details:

  • simplicity of forms;
  • calm pastel shades;
  • metal finishing of lamps;
  • the use of "birds" in decoration.

The brand's products are an excellent choice for both home and office lighting. The factory has produced technical lighting fixtures that fit well into the interior of a modern office. Mostly these are three types of lamps:

  • mortise;
  • ceiling;
  • wall.

An important area of ​​the brand's work is lighting for hotels and hotels, as well as restaurants, bars and cafes. Dozens of high-end establishments around the world use Zonca lighting. The company cooperates with such customers on a contract basis, so customers receive exclusively exclusive products. Sometimes it is very different from the main, mass collections, but the "handwriting" and high quality of Zonca is always guessed.